NAD is a Medical Breakthrough

Welcome to the practice of Dr. Phillip Milgram, The NAD MD. For many years, Dr. Milgram has been the foremost expert on using NAD to improve the lives of those battling addiction, chronic degenerative diseases, and aging.

By infusing your body with NAD intravenously at our facility, we can drastically improve your well-being.  If you are struggling with addiction, The Milgram Detox Method will basically remove all discomfort of withdrawals during your initial detoxification. Some patients have reported no cravings at all after starting with NAD.

NAD has been shown to reverse the effects of many chronic & degenerative diseases (like Parkinson’s and Alzheimers). NAD also restores youthful energy and reverses the effects of aging.

By monitoring your recovery closely, our team of clinicians can adjust the dosage and provide booster treatments of NAD. We have a few different settings in the San Diego and Orange County are where we facilitate NAD infusions. Call 760-736-4444 now.

Dr. Phillip Milgram
Detox NAD Doctor

NAD for Drug Detox

Detoxing with NAD has become more common because it allows you to  get well:

  • Faster
  • In greater comfort
  • With less cravings

After a 10 day regimen, many people feel completely healthy and as though they had never even touched their drug of choice.  Cravings are drastically reduced but we also provide residential treatment and counseling to build the strongest foundation possible for long-term sobriety.

Dr. Milgram will carefully assess your substance abuse and medical history to create the the most effective dose of NAD and he will closely monitor your progress  to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit of NAD. read more>

 NSS-2 BRIDGE® Device for Opiate Withdrawals

If you are going to detox from dangerous opiate drugs (like fentanyl and heroin),  we can also apply the BRIDGE Device, which you wear  on your head like a large hearing aid and it provides comfort during withdrawals from alcohol or drugs. read more>

NAD Treats Chronic Degenerative Diseases

For many people, NAD has been shown to a curative effect on diseases and ailments such as:


Some of these chronic and degenerative diseases are associated with advanced age when the body naturally decreases NAD production and the we experience more fatigue and slower healing rates than when our bodies were in a growth state. read more>

NAD for Aging Reversal

NAD Provides an Energy Boost by Improving Cellular Health

When you replenish your body’s supply of NAD, you will feel better and more energetic – even after a single infusion.   Most people who are over the age of fifty and take supplemental NAD report an immediate improvement in quality of life.

You will have greater awareness, energy, memory, and even enhanced sight and taste.

Your body’s natural supply of NAD declines as you age as a result of your cells’ gradual inability to recycle NAD or synthesize new NAD.

The replenishment that occurs when you supply your body with supplemental NAD allows your cells to be as healthy as they were when you were still growing. The result is a huge boost in energy and vitality. read more>