The NSS-2 Bridge Increases Detox Comfort

This electronic device clips to your ear and can help ease the pain during the  detoxification process from opiate drugs like fentanyl, heroin, brorphine or iso.

The NSS-2 Bridge resembles a hearing aid and it sends electrical pulses through cranial nerves which alleviate the painful and nauseous flu-like symptoms of withdrawal.

Recovering individuals have reported a drastic improvement in their cravings when wearing The NSS-2 Bridge device.

“Conclusions: Neuro-stimulation with the BRIDGE is associated with a reduction in opioid withdrawal scores. 88.8% successfully transitioned to a recovery program.

– Clinical Study by Adrian Miranda MD & Arturo Taca MD

Get Help With Your Opiate Detox from Dr. Milgram

“The Bridge is a miraculous device to aid in the opioid withdrawal process” states Dr. Phillip Milgram. Dr. Milgram is a leading expert on reducing discomfort during the opiate detoxification process, having helped hundreds of men & women successfully detox and begin long-term recovery.

Dr. Milgram is known as The NAD MD for his expertise in using NAD for many healing purposes, including to greatly reduce discomfort during detox. He commonly combines both NAD and The NSS-2 Bridge to create a very comfortable detox.

Get Support for Long Term Sobriety

Dr. Milgram is also a Certified Prevention Specialist (CCPS) and trained to provide addiction counseling during assessment and throughout the process.

We also can provide the NAD infusions as part of residential treatment at Present Moments Recovery which is Southern California’s top residential rehab program.

The Bridge is FDA Approved for Opiate Withdrawal Relief

The Bridge is a battery powered device that is placed behind (and attached to) the ear and  it stimulates nerves electronically. The Bridge sends electric pulses to certain nerves to relieve symptoms of opiate withdrawal. The device can be used for five days during the initial acute physical withdrawal period, according to the FDA.

the bridge device for withdrawals
The Bridge for Detox device

Frequently Asked Questions about The NSS-2 Bridge


How Does The Bridge Work?

The BRIDGE is a peripheral nerve stimulator that attaches behind the ear and sends gentle electrical impulses into the brain, interrupting pain signals. Dr. Milgram can prescribe, administer, and monitor The Bridge.


How Long Do You Use The Bridge?

The Bridge has been FDA approved for a five day period, but most patients do not wear The Bridge for that many days.


Is The Bridge Safe?

Yes, The Bridge is safe. As an external device that merely attaches to the external layer of skin, there is very little risk of any negative side effects. Dr. Milgram often combines an infusion of NAD with the attachment of The Bridge for even more reduction of detox cravings, and NAD is very safe as well.  We will have licensed  staff here watching over you during your treatment.  You will have MD visits, who can prescribe medication for all of your health care needs.


What to bring?

  • Any and all lab work or medical tests done in the last 6 months.
  • Bring ID & insurance card
  • Payment for treatment
  • Laptop, tablet, cell phone, or anything to help keep entertained
  • Bring enough clothes and toiletries for the entire treatment period
  • Bring all current prescription medications